Autodesk BIM Workshop at BMS

Autodesk BIM Workshop at BMS
9 February 2017 BMS Progetti Srl

On February 09 Autodesk chose BMS for a workshop aimed at analyzing BIM working methods and their state of development.

The aim was to make existing processes more efficient, analyzing critical issues, benefits and opportunities found in the transition to BIM.
Principals, Project Leaders, Heads of scientific divisions, BIM manager, BIM coordinator and some BIM users were the protagonists of a brilliant brainstorming based on group work in real time.
Autodesk analyzed the workflow in use, the exchange of work both internally and externally, highlighting the main points: where does BMS stand today in the digitization process of their work, which goals are set to be scored and how does it intend to achieve them.
A common path was defined, consisting of shared objectives, in the process towards 360 degrees BIM.
Another interesting experience, with Autodesk support, to be able to always provide the best service.
We thank Massimo Lefemine and Ing. Ilaria Lagazio.