BIM&Digital Award 2019

BIM&Digital Award 2019
22 November 2019 BMS Progetti Srl

BMS Progetti was awarded the Bim&Digital Award 2019 as first place in category 1 “Commercial, tertiary, and large scale buildings” with the project “BIM for the collection and development of a continuous digital data chain from the design to the management phase” applied to the Towers in Viale Richard.

Moreover, we achieved second place in the category “BIM Initiative of the Year”: the project “GD_ESIGN – Multidimensional analysis, generative design and real-time data management for an evolving design” captured the attention of the jury with its innovative approach to the theme of design in the digital age. This award makes us happy and gives us new energy for the future.

Thanks to our amazing team!

Categoria 1. Edifici Commerciali, terziario e di grande dimensione
BMS Progetti Srl“Il BIM per la raccolta e lo sviluppo di una filiera di dati digitali continua: dalla Progettazione alla Gestione”

Categoria 6. Iniziativa BIM dell’anno
BMS Progetti Srl– “GD_esign”