Prince's Palace of Piombino

The building, constructed in 1871 by the Prince of Piombino, is a remarkable example of a neoclassical-style palace. This architectural language was introduced with the construction of the Palazzo Ducale by Giuseppe Piermarini...

Nexity - LAC Residences - Baggio

The intervention, covering an area of over 8,000 square meters, involved the construction of a residential complex of three tower buildings at an area previously occupied by a commercial building, recovering the disused area and allowing its reintegration within the particular context offered by the Quarry Park. The design of the residences, by the [...]

Palazzo Bernasconi / Casa Cipriani Milan

Born as an elegant residential building in the early 19th century, Palazzo Bernasconi was transformed at the beginning of the new millennium into a corporate building and atelier for renowned tailor Gianni Campagna. Located in the heart of Milan, this magnificent structure offers 5,000 square meters of refined and exceptional spaces, carefully chosen by Casa Cipriani [...]

Richard Avenue - Towers C3 and E5

The intervention is located along the Naviglio Grande in the area where Richard Ginori's first ceramic factory was established in 1830. Following some financial misadventures in the 1970s, the production activities were gradually decommissioned and a period of abandonment began. After a few years a process of reconversion and recovery was triggered and [...]

School Pole

E-Merge Architecture (Daniele Colombati) - architecture Roberto Armani - sustainability

School Pole

AHMM - architecture Susanne Glade - school design specialist


The New European Library of Information and Culture is conceived as a harmonious extension of the surrounding park, both at ground level and in height. The progressive decrease in the size of the slabs as one ascends to the roof creates a visual and functional continuity with the outdoor public space. Accessibility is a focal point [...]

Cassa Rurale Vallagarina

The renovation of the Cassa Rurale Vallagarina building is an emblematic example of how architecture can be transformed while respecting its original spirit. The building, once a symbol of the city of Ala, was the subject of a careful examination to preserve its essence while introducing modern elements that improve its integration with its surroundings. The main challenge was [...]

PINQUA Residential Pole

The project aims to create a new social residential settlement designed for families and young couples often marginalized by the conventional housing market. The goal is to transform an urban fragment into a dynamic social laboratory, where experimentation and inclusion become the centerpieces of the initiative. The project focuses not only on social, economic and [...]

Via Lampedusa

The project to redevelop the Via Lampedusa complex will involve the construction of approximately 650 new housing units with the aim of creating a new residential campus that will contribute to the regeneration of the neighborhood. The new complex will feature a shared system of services among all the properties, designed to meet the needs of different [...]