AGIP KCO Headquarters

Atyrau (Kazakhstan)
2006 - 2007

Agip, given its growing oil interests in Kazakhstan, has decided to build an office center in Atyrau. The project includes a main building, the office building, and several service buildings in the surrounding area.

The office building has a C-shaped floor plan and is divided into three structurally independent bodies by two joints. The bodies have 9, 11 and 12 levels above ground, including the roof, with a maximum height of about 49 meters.

Due to poor soil quality, the foundations of the buildings were built with plinths and/or slabs on precast piles beaten with reinforced concrete. This solution ensures stability and strength by transferring loads to stronger soil layers.

The main structures are made of reinforced concrete (r.c.) and prestressed reinforced concrete (p.c.) cast in situ, ensuring strength and durability. There are also significant steel structures, such as lattice girders in the auditorium, allowing for large and flexible spaces.

The business center represents a major investment for Agip in Kazakhstan. The complex, equipped with offices and services, will enable efficient management of activities in the region. The design takes into account the challenges posed by the terrain and functional requirements, using advanced construction technologies to ensure strength, durability and comfort.

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