Allianz building - Italia 23

2017 - ongoing

The project to renovate the historic Corso Italia complex, a 1960s Milanese architectural icon, aims to transform it into a modern urban office campus. Retaining its original office use, the project includes open-space spaces and central common areas, with an internal garden courtyard serving as the campus' beating heart. BMS Progetti, as part of an Italian consortium led by Proger S.p.A. with Manens-Tifs and Systematica, took on crucial tasks such as structural development, local coordination of specialists, implementation of the architectural executive, and support in the administrative process of obtaining building permits.

The work was carried out following the BIM standard, which will also be the basis for Construction Management in collaboration with Proger and Manens-Tifs. The project, commissioned by Allianz Real Estate and inspired by the principles of global sustainability, draws on the expertise of SOM and the team of specialists both nationally and internationally. The result will be a complex that, while respecting continuity and conservation, will integrate the advanced technologies of a smart building.

Significant structural changes, such as the demolition and rebuilding of attics and the creation of new iconic staircases, aim to improve the usability of the spaces and make the complex more suitable for contemporary needs, without losing the link to its prestigious past.

BMS Progetti played a key role in bringing this ambitious project to fruition, ensuring that the end result lived up to expectations for a building that represents a marriage of tradition and innovation.

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