PINQUA Residential Pole

2023 - ongoing

The project aims to create a new social residential settlement designed for families and young couples often marginalized by the conventional housing market. The goal is to transform an urban fragment into a dynamic social laboratory, where experimentation and inclusion become the centerpieces of the initiative. The project focuses not only on social, economic and cultural aspects, but also on the physicality of the space, proposing bold solutions that combine optimal housing qualities, technical excellence, economic sustainability, security and a distinctive architectural identity.

BMS, in collaboration with other teams, has worked to ensure that the neighborhood offers, despite the simplicity of its facilities, high living standards characterized by well-being, architectural quality, and an enriched urban space. The design of the 31,000-square-meter public green space plays a key role in the intervention and, at the direction of the designers, was entrusted to a firm specializing in landscape design to transform it into a quality asset for the neighborhood. In addition, BMS devoted itself to the design of a prototype residential building, which served as a model for three different types of housing within the master plan, helping to improve the overall urban image of the buildings: these are types A, B and C, comprising 4, 2 and 8 apartments, respectively.

The meticulous approach to design led to the creation of a complex that, by integrating previous experience in the field of innovative residential neighborhoods, achieved the goal of offering, even in suburban settings, a housing quality and urbanity comparable to that of private housing developments in more central areas, thanks to a well-considered process of analysis, comparison, and synthesis.

RINA, Corvino + Multari, DFP Engineering, Arethusa
3TI Projects, Seingim, BMS Projects, Recchi Engineering, eFM

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