Carpaneta Agroforestry Company

2007 - 2008

The complex located in the agricultural area northeast of Mantua, which currently houses the offices of ERSAF (Ente Regionale per i Servizi all'Agricoltura e alle Foreste), has undergone architectural and functional upgrading.

The project involved the restoration and conservative rehabilitation of the historic buildings in the complex in order to preserve their architectural and cultural value. These interventions made it possible to recover and enhance the existing buildings, adapting them to contemporary functional needs.

In addition to the restoration of historic buildings, new construction work has also been carried out. These new buildings were designed to integrate harmoniously with the existing context, respecting the architectural and landscape features of the site.

BMS played a key role in coordinating and integrating the various specialized activities required to implement the project. In particular, BMS was responsible for the development of the structural and plant design.

The structural design involved the verification and consolidation of existing structures, as well as the design of new structures. It was necessary to assess the state of preservation of the historic buildings and define the necessary interventions to ensure their stability and safety, in accordance with the principles of conservative restoration.

The plant engineering project, on the other hand, addressed the design and integration of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical systems for both historic and new buildings. The goal was to equip the complex with efficient, functional and sustainable systems, in compliance with current regulations and the needs of users.

Thanks to the redevelopment, the ERSAF complex now presents itself as a modern and functional headquarters, capable of housing the institution's offices and providing adequate space for carrying out its activities. The project has managed to combine respect for the historical heritage with the needs of a contemporary structure, creating a virtuous example of architectural recovery and enhancement.

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