Bodio Center


In the Bovisa area of Milan, a pole undergoing a major urban transformation thanks to the establishment of the new Politecnico campus and numerous tertiary functions, the substantial intervention called Bodio Center is inserted. It involved the redevelopment of the former industrial district once home to the Alcatel company.

New office and management buildings were built on the affected subdivision alongside the rehabilitation and renovation of some existing buildings. A new basement was built to accommodate a 700-space parking garage to serve the complex.

For the pre-existing buildings, the project involved radical building renovations with partial demolition and reconstruction of some portions, consolidation of load-bearing structures, insertion of new stairwells and elevator shafts, and complete renovation of all technological systems, from thermomechanical to electrical to special systems.

The new buildings, on the other hand, were set on large structural concrete meshes with substantial spans to maximize the distributional flexibility of the interior spaces and the usability of the rooms by the established tertiary activities.

The entire compartment has been redesigned according to principles of urban redevelopment and environmental sustainability, with green areas, underground parking lots and separate pedestrian/traffic lanes. Bodio Center represents a virtuous case of regeneration of a disused manufacturing area, transformed into a modern office settlement integrated into the new face of this sector of Milan.

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