Sunpower Photovoltaic Fields

Various locations - Italy
2009 - 2012

SunPower Italia, a leading photovoltaic company, has developed numerous PV panel sites throughout the country, adopting various technological solutions to optimize plant siting and minimize environmental impact. BMS has provided support for about twenty sites, dealing with various design and technical aspects. In particular, it developed the design of the photovoltaic sites, taking care of the design of the structures and civil works necessary for the installation and operation of the plants.

One of the main activities carried out by BMS was the structural verification of the Trackers, or solar tracking systems that allow photovoltaic panels to orient themselves according to the position of the sun, thus maximizing energy production. The structural verification ensured the stability and resistance of the Trackers to environmental and operational stresses.

Another aspect followed by BMS was the design of the foundations of the plant cabins and related civil works, such as foundation slabs, tracker bases, and panel anchoring structures.

Thanks to the contribution of BMS, SunPower Italy has been able to build its photovoltaic sites guaranteeing the design quality, structural safety and efficiency of the systems, while respecting the principles of environmental protection and integration with the surrounding area.

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