Urban Campus Bocconi

2017 - ongoing

These are important years for the development of an increasingly welcoming and forward-looking Bocconi.
Indeed, the design of the New Campus, by the two Japanese archistars Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa of the SANAA studio, is nearing completion.

The University has embarked on a project of growth, redeveloping the former Centrale del Latte area and designing a University Campus that is increasingly modern in the urban fabric of Milan, adding to the historic sites on Via Sarfatti, Via Bocconi and Via Gobbi, and the more recently built ones (the Classroom Building-better known as the "Velodrome," in Piazza Sraffa 13, opened in 2001; the Grafton Building, at 1 Röntgen Street, from 2008; and the Bligny Residence, from 2016)

The area includes the new 300-seat Castiglioni Residence - opened as early as September 2018. It will be followed by the new headquarters of SDA Bocconi, consisting of three buildings (Master, Executive, Office), and a sports and recreation center with an Olympic-size swimming pool, which will be open to the city.

The new buildings are also part of a larger project for cutting-edge growth in terms of environmental sustainability and energy conservation, as well as landscape improvement in the context of Milan's Zone 5.

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