Castles of Cannero

2018 - ongoing

The restoration and enhancement of the Cannero Castles (based on an architectural design by Simonetti Architettura) faced numerous logistical and technological challenges, with the main objective of respecting architectural conservation constraints while maintaining limited accessibility and restricted spaces.

The plant system, powered by an underwater cable to ensure electricity. The structural works, aimed at consolidating the existing structure, involve the use of materials such as natural lime-based mortars and chestnut wood.

The logistical organization for the construction site, defying the obstacles of water transportation and limited accessibility, requires the creation of a temporary platform and the use of construction cranes and mini cranes to transport materials.

The consolidation and restoration of the masonry required the erection of more than 15,000 square meters of scaffolding, highlighting the complexity of the work on a building with limited usable space.

The development of the project carefully considered the harmonious interaction between the building and its surroundings, adopting engineering and architectural solutions that respected the historical identity of the Cannero Castles.

Attention to detail and the search for materials and techniques compatible with the historic context characterized the design approach, with particular emphasis on maintaining original architectural features and adapting to conservation regulations.

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