ERSEL Offices - Caradosso Street

2019 - 2022

The project to rehabilitate and refurbish the property at 16 Via Caradosso in Milan, with main office use for Ersel Bank, was a unique opportunity to enhance a historic building from the 1930s. With a total area of 3,219 square meters distributed over a basement, a basement, and 5 floors above ground, the goal was to rethink the interior spaces, from the historic rooms to the attic, to provide a quality office environment.

Energy upgrading was a focal point of the project, with space recovery and comfort optimization through the installation of new systems managed by automated BMS systems. BMS Progetti developed a light engineering design that accompanied the architecture, designed by AF517 Alfonso Femia Atelier(s), allowing the enhancement of existing spaces and the creation of new solutions, such as the new rooftop terrace and the recovery of attic spaces.

The project also included restoration of the facade on Caradosso and renovation of the central garden to provide a pleasant and welcoming environment. A new connection to the existing garage was made and vertical connections were optimized, with the installation of a new outdoor elevator and a new lobby with a freestanding helical staircase.

Particular attention was paid to energy aspects, with the use of renewable sources such as geothermal and photovoltaics, and to safety, with a complex fire protection project on a multipurpose building. The administrative process was streamlined, and the integrated design team ensured the cost-effectiveness of the project.

The philosophy that guided the project was to return to the community a building that would preserve the architecture and historical memory of the places, while providing stimulating and quality work environments. The preservation element was the guiding thread of the design, which aimed to combine good architectural design with light but high value engineering, respecting the context and valuing integration between disciplines.

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