Campione Casino

Champion of Italy

The new Casino di Campione complex rises in the heart of the small Italian enclave town on Swiss territory, leaning against the area occupied by the previous structure, now obsolete and destined for demolition. The project, entrusted by the municipality to architects Mario Botta and Giorgio Orsini, envisages the construction of an articulated multipurpose building capable of accommodating once again all the functions related to the casino's activities, previously housed in the old building, integrating them with a series of innovative uses related to leisure and visitor services.

BMS was responsible for the structural design of the entire building and part of the architectural and construction aspects, dealing in particular with the foundation works, the perimeter structures to contain the excavation, and the large metal roofing system. The deep foundations, made with large-diameter drilled piles, made it possible to meet the complex ground constraint requirements of the building, set in a narrow valley context.The bulkheads supporting the perimeter excavation represented a challenging work to contain the soil thrusts and prevent subsidence in the surrounding areas already densely built-up.

The large metal roof with reticular structure is configured as the most valuable architectural and constructive element of the building, towering over the main rooms of the casino with its wide spans. An ambitious intervention of high technical complexity, which has made it possible to endow Campione with a new excellence in the gaming and entertainment sector, replacing the old casino with a technologically advanced structure.

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