Cassa Rurale Vallagarina

Ala (TN)

The renovation of the Cassa Rurale Vallagarina building is an emblematic example of how architecture can be transformed while respecting its original spirit. The building, once a symbol of the city of Ala, has undergone careful scrutiny to preserve its essence while introducing modern elements that improve its integration with its surroundings.

The main challenge was to maintain a dialogue between the old and the new, between tradition and innovation. The result is a renovated plinth that not only supports the building but elevates it, creating a stronger connection with the city. This new "podium" extends to embrace public spaces, transforming them into places for the community to meet and exchange.

Structural changes included the removal of obsolete elements and the reorganization of spaces to encourage a more logical and accessible flow. The design emphasized the circular auditorium and vertical connections, which now appear as architectural sculptures that enrich the urban view.

Ultimately, the project was able to reinterpret the existing building, giving it a new identity that reflects the dynamism and evolution of the city of Ala, reaffirming its central role in the civic and cultural life of the place.


CM2 - architecture

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