Office complex via Bernina


Our intervention is part of an ambitious project of urban transformation and regeneration of the Milan-Farini railway yards, a landmark for the Milan of the future. Greenery and sustainability are at the heart of this initiative, with the creation of a large forest inserted into the Circle Line, a railroad half-ring that will cross the city. The appeal of this neighborhood is its being at the center of an urban evolution, and our design approach reflects this new 'Green' soul of the city.

Our intervention involves two separate buildings, referred to as Building A and Building B. Although both are intended for office use, they differ in style and size.

Expanding and rehabilitating the main entrances improves the accessibility and brightness of the interior spaces. By taking advantage of the reclaimed spaces on the ground floor and on the rooftops, we provide new opportunities for use as flexible work areas, common spaces, and commercial activities. The design approach promotes flexibility and customization, providing added value to the property and the neighborhood. With a new identity based on simplicity of form, formal rigor and the inclusion of contemporary elements, our design aims to transform the buildings into landmarks for the Milan of the future, offering functional, sustainable and welcoming spaces.

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