Convent of St. Dominic

2003 - 2004

The project aimed to create the prestigious new headquarters for the offices of the Province of Lodi through the conservative restoration of the ancient convent complex, combining respect for the historical pre-existence with functional and technological innovation.

The intervention, developed by studio BMS and arch. Elisabetta Fabbri, was able to enhance the building as a document of historical and artistic value, preserving its original architectural integrity and valuable elements.

In parallel, state-of-the-art facilities were introduced to ensure maximum environmental comfort and full energy efficiency according to the latest standards.

Careful structural consolidation work involved the deteriorated or statically deficient parts of the artifact, strengthening its supporting structure with conservative intervention techniques and compatible materials.

The result is a complex that has been fully redeveloped and adapted to its new managerial function, while maintaining the character and historical memories of the former convent unaltered thanks to a skillful philological restoration of the facades, interiors and fine architectural details.

The intervention stands as a virtuous example of how it is possible to combine instances of cultural heritage conservation with requirements for contemporary reuse and technological-functional adaptation, with a view to renewed urban vitality and an enrichment of the city's architectural identity.

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