Multipurpose Building on Turin Street

2011 - 2015

The project to redevelop the area between Via Torino, Via della Palla and Via Lupetta in Milan transformed a historic area into a modern multifunctional complex. BMS Progetti, the architectural and engineering firm responsible for the project, faced the challenge of preserving historic elements, such as the 18th-century facade on Via Lupetta, while introducing new structures and facilities to accommodate commercial spaces, offices, and residential units.

The design team worked closely with the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage to ensure compliance with monumental constraints and the adoption of design solutions compatible with the historic context. The new architectural components were designed with a contemporary language, seeking a harmonious balance between ancient and modern.

The implementation of the project required the use of advanced engineering techniques to ensure the safety, efficiency and functionality of the spaces. A multidisciplinary team of professionals addressed the multiple technical challenges, adopting innovative solutions for structural consolidation, plant upgrades, energy conservation, and accessibility.

The result is a complex that combines historic preservation and architectural innovation, where commercial, office and residential spaces are integrated into the urban context, providing a modern and functional environment. The restored 18th-century facade remains a witness to the history of the place, enriching the neighborhood's identity.

This project represents a virtuous example of urban regeneration, demonstrating how it is possible to protect the historical heritage while responding to the needs of an evolving city. Thanks to the vision and expertise of BMS Progetti, the intervention has returned to Milan a vital and dynamic place, capable of facing the challenges of the present and projecting into the future.


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