Energy Park - GB One


In Vimercate, the historic home of the Italian headquarters of Alcatel Lucent and other international divisions of the group, an ambitious urban regeneration project has been carried out on the areas once occupied by the now-discontinued manufacturing plants.

The result is Energy Park, a modern technology and research park consisting of five new buildings to house executive offices, development and testing laboratories for technological innovation activities.

From the design conception stage, the intervention was guided by the most advanced principles of environmental sustainability and energy conservation, making Energy Park a virtuous example of eco-friendly building.

The architectural and technological solutions adopted aim to maximize energy efficiency and minimize the impact on the environment at all stages of the buildings' life cycle, from construction to operation.

Emphasis was placed on the use of high-performance building materials and systems, integrated with state-of-the-art systems for water conservation, renewable energy production, and consumption optimization.

Ample space has been reserved for green areas and open spaces, designed not only as furniture elements but true biotopes functional to the well-being of users.

Context-conscious architecture, sustainable construction and cutting-edge technologies combine to create a center of excellence for scientific research and industrial innovation, in full harmony with the surrounding environment.

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