New Guardia di Finanza Academy

2015 - 2021

The redevelopment and conversion project of the Ex Ospedali Riuniti area in Bergamo represented an opportunity to recover a significant portion of the urban fabric, enhancing the architectural and historical heritage and restoring relations with the city context. The intervention, one of the largest Public Administration worksites in Italy, included the redevelopment of the existing pavilions to house the Guardia di Finanza Academy and the creation of public spaces, mainly for sports use.

The project resulted in:

The restoration of the central monumental layout and historic buildings;
The preservation of the historic Marcovigi central courtyard for pedestrian use;
The creation of a coordinated system of internal parks and squares;
The enhancement of the area to the south with new buildings into an urban park.

The program agreement provided for specific interventions, including the conservative restoration of Pavilion 1 ("Palazzina Rossa"), the renovation of 10 other pavilions, the redesign of outdoor spaces, and the construction of new facilities such as a swimming pool, gymnasium, auditorium, and underground parking. The project was developed using BIM methodology, allowing constant control of interference and assessing the impact on cost and schedule at each stage.

The plant systems were designed to ensure flexibility, efficiency, comfort, and maintainability, with a district heating and cooling network connected to the heating and cooling plant. The existing buildings were equipped with fan coil systems with temperature control and a general supervision system. Special attention was paid to security with a CCTV system for real-time control of access and perimeter areas.

The decentralized location of the complex in relation to Bergamo's historic core and the closure of the hospital influenced the development of the commercial and service sector in the area. The re-functionalization of the site provided an opportunity to generate new settlement dynamics and reconnect with the surrounding landscape, which is characterized by wide open spaces and proximity to the Parco dei Colli.

The courtyard spaces of halls P03 and P15 were restored as open green surfaces, and the west edge was cleared to restore the north-south landscape axis. The west and east areas were upgraded with bicycle and pedestrian paths and light fencing. The major transformation involved the southern area, with the demolition of existing buildings and the construction of a new sports complex and public services.

The new buildings are designed for high energy and environmental performance, with low transmittance materials and ventilation systems with heat recovery and thermohygrometric control. A photovoltaic system on the roof ensures the supply of renewable energy. The intervention also included the development of greenery, mobility, and pedestrian connections, improving accessibility and the quality of the place.

The new Largo Barozzi complex includes the new Guardia di Finanza Academy, which uses the historic structures of the hospital pavilions, and an area for residential and commercial housing with a sports center. Accessibility has been improved with new entrances and a clear separation between public and exclusive Guardia di Finanza areas.

Conservative interventions respected functional needs and budget, limiting invasive alterations and maintaining the buildings' original aesthetics. Facades were restored and window frames replaced to improve energy performance. Building functions were assigned to optimize the use of existing and new building spaces, such as gymnasium, swimming pool, shooting range, and auditorium.

Building E17 houses an auditorium for 500 people, while building E21 contains swimming pool and gyms. Building E22 includes the sports field grandstand and shooting range. Outdoor areas include sports attractions such as athletic track, soccer fields, and jumping and shot put platforms, further enriching the complex's offerings.

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