Ex-Silos Shopping Mall

2010 - 2011

The urban redevelopment project of the "Former Silos," a building complex dating back to the Habsburg period of the 19th century, has transformed the former grain warehouses into a next-generation multipurpose center called the Silos Shopping Center.

The architectural design, by Design International, involved the preservation of the exterior perimeter facades, keeping the historic appearance of the building intact. At the same time, the interior structures characterized by arches and vaults, evidence of the original architecture, were preserved.

Within the existing volume, two new floors were inserted, expanding the usable area of the complex without altering its external outline. This solution made it possible to create additional space while respecting the architectural constraints of the historic building.

The Silos Shopping Center houses a variety of functions, including a supermarket, a four-star hotel, spas, restaurants, cafes, offices, stores, and various services. In addition, there are dedicated fitness areas and a multipurpose space intended for conferences, concerts and theatrical events. To complement the complex, a parking lot has been built to facilitate visitor access.

The development of the structural design was entrusted to BMS, which worked in synergy with Design International to ensure the proper integration of the new structures with the existing ones. Design challenges included the consolidation of the historic masonry, the insertion of new floors, and the creation of the openings needed to connect the different levels and functions of the center.

Thanks to the collaboration between Design International and BMS, the project was able to preserve the historical identity of the former Habsburg complex while adapting it to today's functions through innovative architectural and structural solutions. The intervention demonstrates how it is possible to give new life to historic buildings, upgrading them and making them protagonists of the urban fabric once again.

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