EXPO 2015 - Vietnam Pavilion


The Vietnamese Pavilion stood out as an excellent example of eco-sustainable architecture and cutting-edge design as part of Expo 2015. Designed by Vo Trong Nghia Architects, the building was engineered by BMS Progetti.

The guiding idea was to merge natural elements and modern technologies to create an aesthetically appealing, but above all functional and environmentally friendly exhibition space.

The outer shell featured a lightweight metal structure covered with an elegant curtain of bamboo reeds, a natural and renewable material typical of Vietnam. This solution allowed effective passive shading and cooling of the interior spaces.

The heart of the pavilion housed a veritable vertical forest made up of tall trees grown in a special green area. This oasis of pristine nature not only offered a cool and relaxing experience for visitors, but also symbolized the inseparable connection of Vietnamese culture with the natural world.

Innovative integrated plant technologies ensured the full energy efficiency and water consumption containment of the exhibition building.

Overall, the Vietnamese Pavilion stood out as an iconic and eye-catching piece of architecture, while at the same time a paradigm of environmental sustainability, perfectly adhering to the main theme of Expo 2015, "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life."

A work that has managed to combine aesthetic beauty, functionality and principles of eco-friendliness in an architectural project that is at the forefront of major international exhibitions.

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