2017 - ongoing

The Fiordaliso Shopping Center in Rozzano is engaged in an extensive renovation and expansion involving several areas, including two areas of the second shopping mall and the Food Court. The project includes:

- Renovation of retail space to improve the shopping experience.

- Aesthetic renovation of the Mall with new storefronts, flooring, suspended ceilings, and lighting.

- Replacement of technical systems and windows and doors to increase energy efficiency.

- Expansion of the Food Court entrance, with new escalators and panoramic elevator.

- Redefinition of food units and transformation of offices into Baby Parking.

- Addition of storage rooms, technical rooms and an outdoor play area.

- Redistribution of space to include new restrooms and facilitate access for the disabled. The goal is to harmonize the new facilities with the existing, ensuring the center's operational continuity and guaranteeing accessibility and safety during public hours and staff shifts.

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