The Petals of Reggio - shopping center

Reggio Emilia
2006 - 2007

"The Petals of Reggio" represents an ambitious urban regeneration project that has led to the creation of a unique multifunctional hub in Italy, perfectly integrated with the city's soccer stadium.

The two-level complex houses a large shopping mall with a shopping arcade, a food court, and a modern multiplex cinema equipped with 11 state-of-the-art screening rooms.

The architectural concept was inspired by a petal-like shape that opens up and develops around the city soccer stadium, creating a harmonious coexistence between commercial/recreational and sports functions.

Crowning the project, on two opposite corners of the perimeter, are two four-story elliptical towers that house a fitness center with an indoor swimming pool on the roof and spaces for offices and tertiary activities.

The entire project was built according to the most modern criteria of environmental sustainability, energy efficiency and resource conservation, with a view to architecture that is mindful of its impact on the local area.

Another notable feature is the large green areas and public pedestrian connection spaces that promote the integration of the complex with the surrounding urban context.

"The Petals of Reggio" thus stands as a cutting-edge project of multifunctional specialization of the area, balancing commercial, recreational, sporting and service needs into one large, quality attraction for the entire city.

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