Ikea Central Warehouse


The IKEA depot is located adjacent to the Piacenza East highway exit, a crucial junction of the A1 logistics corridor, near a previous settlement of the Swedish multinational furniture company.

The complex consists of several main functional units: a rectangular shed used for actual storage, a separate office building that is also rectangular, a technical building for plant services, and a guardhouse to control driveway access.

Truck movement yards, parking and staging areas for trucks, trailers and containers, and a bundle of three railroad tracks for interchange with freight trains complete the work.

The single-story warehouse is divided into two operational macro-areas: the COT (Customer Operation Terminal) for receiving and initial sorting of goods and the DC (Distribution Center) dedicated to actual storage.

The load-bearing structure consists of a large metal lattice roof supported by precast reinforced concrete pillars founded on plinths made on deep-drilled foundation piles.

Particular care has been taken in the engineering of the internal logistics routes for goods handling, which have been optimized to ensure maximum flow fluidity and interconnection of the various operating departments.

An intervention of great dimensional importance and high logistical and structural complexity, built according to the most modern design and construction criteria to provide IKEA with a logistics hub of excellence to serve the distribution of its products on the Italian territory.

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