LaGare Hotel Milano Centrale

2012 - 2015

The project to convert the decommissioned office building at 20 Pirelli Street included the transformation of the structure into a hotel complex. The building consisted of a basement part and a 9-story tower body, characterized by a rectangular floor plan.

The intervention focused mainly on two aspects: the elevation of the basement part and the energy upgrading of the entire building.

As for the elevation, the project contemplated the addition of two new levels above the existing basement part. This would have increased the usable area of the building, creating additional space to be used for hotel functions. The new floors would be designed to blend harmoniously with the existing architecture, respecting the lines and proportions of the original building.

Energy upgrading, on the other hand, aimed to improve the building's performance in terms of efficiency and sustainability. Advanced technological solutions would be adopted to optimize energy consumption, thus reducing the environmental impact of the structure. The planned interventions included thermal insulation of the exterior walls and roof, replacement of window frames with high-performance elements, installation of efficient air conditioning systems, and use of renewable energy sources, such as solar panels or geothermal systems.

Converting the building at 20 Pirelli Street into a hotel would have helped revitalize the surrounding area, offering new opportunities for economic and tourism development. In addition, energy upgrading would have made the facility more sustainable and in line with modern requirements for efficiency and environmental friendliness.

Overall, the project represented a virtuous example of adaptive reuse of a disused building, combining preservation of architectural heritage with technological innovation and the creation of new urban functions.

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