Mind West Gate

2020 - ongoing

West Gate represents the vanguard of the development of MIND - Milano Innovation District, located in the former Expo area of Milan. This mixed-use project serves as the main entrance to the area and includes:

- 190,000 square meters of office space

- 80,000 square meters of residential

- 13,000 square meters of commercial space

- 1 hotel

BMS Progetti, in collaboration with OBR and Deerns, is responsible for the design of two key buildings: the Innovation Hub and the CoSo - Community and Social Hub. The Innovation Hub, an iconic element of MIND, welcomes visitors by providing innovative services and flexible design. The CoSo, dedicated to social functions, aims to become a core of wellness and socialization within the district. These spaces are designed to stimulate the sharing of ideas and promote community well-being.


OBR - Architectural Project
Deerns Italia spa - Installations, facades, acoustics and sustainability
Lendlease Services srl - Safety guidelines
BMS Projects - Facilities
GAE Engineering Ltd. - Fire Protection

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