2010 - 2015

The Monteluce area redevelopment project in Perugia represents a virtuous example of sustainable urban regeneration. The main objective was to convert a large area, formerly occupied by a monofunctional hospital complex, into a multifunctional neighborhood integrated into the urban fabric.

The international architectural firm Bolles & Wilson has designed a master plan that calls for the harmonious inclusion of different functions: commercial (retail) spaces, offices, hospitality facilities such as hotels, private residences, public housing and schools. This functional mixité aims to create a vital and lively urban organism, animated at different times of the day.

A key aspect of the project is the focus on environmental sustainability. New developments are designed according to the criteria of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, one of the most widely used standards for assessing the energy performance and sustainability of buildings. This involves adopting solutions such as energy efficiency, use of eco-friendly materials, efficient management of water resources, attention to indoor environmental quality, and integration with public transportation.

The redevelopment of a brownfield site into a multipurpose district brings significant benefits to the city. In addition to redeveloping a blighted area, the project helps limit land consumption by promoting the densification and reuse of already urbanized areas. The inclusion of diversified functions promotes social inclusion and neighborhood vitality, reducing the need for travel by private means.

The Monteluce project is part of an increasingly widespread trend of sustainable urban regeneration, which aims to return disused or underutilized areas to the city, creating new centralities and promoting citizens' quality of life. It represents a virtuous model of intervention that combines the enhancement of existing heritage with architectural innovation and environmental sustainability.

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