Turin Automobile Museum

2006 - 2010

The intervention on the museum stemmed from the need to expand the exhibition area and reorganize the ancillary functions, which had become inadequate in relation to current needs. The project included a general redesign of the access system and open spaces surrounding the building, with the aim of improving the usability and accessibility of the museum spaces.

In this complex and articulated intervention context, BMS played a key role in coordinating and integrating the various specialized activities involved in the project. In particular, BMS was directly involved in the development of the construction project, the structural project and the fire prevention project.

Thanks to the coordination work of BMS, it was possible to harmonize architectural, structural, and fire safety aspects, ensuring a coherent and functional end result that could effectively meet the Museum's expansion and reorganization needs.

BMS's contribution was crucial in translating design visions into concrete solutions, addressing the technical challenges associated with building new structures, integrating with the existing building, and complying with safety and fire prevention regulations.

Thanks to the coordinated efforts of BMS and the other professionals involved, the Museum now presents itself as a modern and functional complex, offering adequate exhibition space, efficient ancillary services, and an engaging and stimulating visitor experience for the public.

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