New Italian Embassy

Nairobi (Kenya)

The new Italian Embassy in Nairobi represents a unique opportunity to create a distinctive architectural complex that reflects Italian values and cultural history. The proposed layout departs from the initial design, placing at the center a garden that becomes the heart of the complex, surrounded by the main buildings and integrated with architectural and landscaping solutions.

The design of the complex includes a distribution of spaces that emphasizes greenery and accessibility. Entrances and parking lots are strategically placed to minimize environmental impact, with green canopies contributing to the reduction of the visual footprint of vehicles.

The embassy itself dominates the complex, while the other buildings, such as the cooperation offices, are connected by a portico that creates an environment reserved for employees. The design integrates elements of Italian culture with the local landscape, including a multipurpose hall for cultural events and an art plaza open to the public.

Natural elements, such as Italian olive trees and contemporary art installations, help create a unique space that reflects the meeting of cultures. The embassy is designed to be energy self-sufficient, with a facade system and photovoltaic systems that minimize energy consumption.

The use of local materials and landscape planning aim to preserve and enhance the area's natural heritage while providing a comfortable and sustainable working environment. The design takes into account the climatic characteristics of Nairobi to create a comfortable indoor environment without the need for traditional air conditioning systems. Architectural and landscaping solutions aim to minimize environmental impact and encourage local biodiversity while preserving the surrounding natural landscape.

The choice of materials and construction techniques aims to maximize the use of local resources and reduce environmental impact. The use of reinforced concrete and local natural stone, along with recycled and recyclable solutions, helps ensure the durability and sustainability of the complex over time.


Recchi - Architectural Design, Quantity Surveior

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