Alessandro Manzoni Hospital in Lecco

1991 - 1994

The Lecco hospital complex, located in the northeastern part of the city, consists of three main buildings: the hospital building, the administrative building with garage and the technology block.

The hospital building has eight levels, two of which are underground, and houses medical and care functions. The building is designed to ensure the efficiency and functionality of hospital departments, with a focus on the quality of space and patient comfort.

The administrative building, on the other hand, groups all offices, including those for the A.S.L. (Local Health Authority), rooms for training paramedical staff, cafeteria services, auditorium and library. This building plays a crucial role in supporting the administrative and training activities of the hospital.

The parking garage is arranged on four underground levels and provides parking spaces for hospital staff and visitors. Its underground location makes it possible to optimize the use of space and minimize the visual impact of parking.

BMS was responsible for the structural design of the entire hospital complex. This involved the design of load-bearing structures, foundations and seismic isolation systems, taking into account the specific requirements of a hospital building.

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