Andria Hospital

Andria (BT)
2021 - ongoing

The construction of the new hospital in Andria is part of the modernization program of the Apulian hospital network, first approved by Regional Council Resolution No. 1725 of Aug. 7, 2012, in which the region approved the construction of new hospitals.

The area identified to house the New Andria Hospital is located south of the city and occupies an area of 19.2 hectares. An 80,000-square-meter facility will be built here, equipped with all the health and non-health components that characterize hospitals of the latest generation. The architectural design integrates elements of the surrounding area, respecting the pre-existing features and suggestions typical of the region, such as open views and the presence of olive trees. The redevelopment of the outdoor spaces of the hospital complex is based on a reinterpretation of the linear warps and meshes of the Andrian agricultural environment.

The concept behind the project is to consider the architecture and the city as a coherent organism, rather than a mere addition of isolated parts. The hospital complex was conceived as a clear volume that dialogues harmoniously with the surrounding landscape. Along the outer perimeter, large arches and vertical pilasters delineate the identity of the architecture, while the facades bordering the courtyards are characterized by the strong horizontality of the sunshade elements. The green roof, with its alternation of vegetation and isolated volumes, gives a distinctive identity to the entire complex.

The project was the winner of an international competition in which BMS Progetti participated as structural designer and MEP:
RTP principals: Binini Partners
RTP principals: CZA - Cino Zucchi Architetti, Studio Damiano Tinelli, BMS Progetti, BMZ Impianti, Paisa' Architettura del Paesaggio - Stignani Associati, Systematica, T.E.S.I. Engineering, AR/S Archeostistemi, SIL engineering
Consultants: Dr. Andrea Cambieri, Prof. Arch. Stefano Capolongo, Dr. Geol. Riccardo Losito


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