Niguarda Hospital


The relevant government agencies have promoted an ambitious project to modernize this prestigious hospital hub through a concession process involving the design, construction and subsequent operation of the new works.

The intervention was necessary to equip the health facility with technologically advanced buildings and facilities, replacing some outdated and inadequate structures and renovating those still salvageable of historical and architectural value.

Thus, the work program contemplates the demolition of some obsolete pavilions, the conservative restoration of pre-existing buildings worthy of protection, and the construction from scratch of new buildings designed according to modern dictates of hospital construction.

For this articulated redevelopment operation, BMS was commissioned to draw up an advanced high-level preliminary design for all planned structural, architectural and plant engineering works.

The project was accompanied by detailed performance specifications setting out requirements, technical specifications, quality standards and expected performance levels for the new buildings and facilities.

Particular attention has been paid to clinical engineering and room layout to ensure maximum efficiency and ergonomics of operational spaces and internal logistic paths, in accordance with the most advanced requirements of the healthcare industry.

A large-scale transformation operation that, when implemented, will provide this absolutely outstanding hospital with modern, functional and technologically advanced facilities, while preserving the protected historical and architectural heritage.

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