Palazzo Bernasconi / Casa Cipriani Milan

2018 - 2022

Born as an elegant residential building in the early 19th century, Palazzo Bernasconi was transformed at the beginning of the new millennium into a corporate building and atelier for renowned tailor Gianni Campagna. Located in the heart of Milan, this magnificent structure offers 5,000 square meters of refined and exceptional spaces, carefully chosen by Casa Cipriani to house its prestigious and exclusive Milan headquarters.

From a stately home in the early 19th century to the corporate headquarters and atelier of renowned tailor Gianni Campagna at the beginning of the new millennium, Palazzo Bernasconi is a splendid example of a representative building in the heart of Milan, 5,000 square meters of prestigious rooms chosen by Casa Cipriani to house its new high-profile and exclusive Milanese hotel, inaugurated on September 21 with a soft opening in preparation for the official launch on October 1.

In the best Milanese tradition, the building and the intense renovation project carried out by BMS Progetti are really revealed and discovered once you cross the entrance threshold: in accordance with the criteria of preservation and insertion in the central and historical context of the city, the external envelope towards the Indro Montanelli public gardens and Corso Venezia has been restored and enhanced, and the main interventions concerned in particular the internal façade with a new essential and contemporary architectural element in gilded glass and aluminum, which has greatly improved the flexibility of the layouts of the various floors, and the roofs with a unity of language with the existing materials and volumes, to enhance the excellent panoramic position in the city center and free the historical copper roofs from machinery and superfetations.

The ambitious and challenging integrated design work, conducted from the due diligence phase to commissioning, which involved more than 15 designers and technicians and involved more than 25,000 man-hours over four years, was carried out in coordination with numerous other specialists and consultants. The interior layouts were optimized for the new accommodation destination and perfected by the interior design project of Studio Michele Bönan, which took care of the suites, restaurant, lobby, and Arrigo bar, and by Carlos Almada's design for the club on the fourth floor, with advice from Studio Voltaire for lighting design and Studio Montanari for food & beverage. Special attention was paid to the inclusion of new lifts to improve the usability of the premises by customers and service staff.

BMS Progetti worked in strong synergy with the property, Merope Asset Management, to set up the project, and with the tenant, Cipriani Milano, to develop and calibrate it to best meet their requirements. Casa Cipriani thus finds space in a historic building that is both modern and efficient, created with an ambitious project that aims to achieve the highest possible results in terms of aesthetics, performance and comfort, all to meet the needs of a very exclusive hotel business. These results were achieved through the care, attention and respect that the existing building deserved, having set a discreet, measured and refined register.

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