Prince's Palace of Piombino

2020 - ongoing

The redevelopment project of the historic building located at 56 Corso Venezia is a complex work aimed not only at restoring its former architectural and functional grandeur, but also at preserving its history and cultural importance within the urban fabric of Milan. Built in 1871 at the behest of the Prince of Piombino, the building represents a jewel of neoclassical architecture, reflecting the eclecticism and fervid creativity of the period.

However, over the decades, the building has undergone a series of interventions that have compromised its integrity and original identity. In particular, interventions in the 1970s transformed the residential building into a bank, introducing extraneous elements that altered its architectural coherence and functionality. This resulted in a kind of closure to its surroundings and the public, depriving the building of its vitality and its role as a landmark in the life of the city.

The redevelopment project therefore has the ambitious goal of restoring the palace to its dignity and importance in the urban context. This will be achieved through careful restoration and recovery of the original architectural features, eliminating additional elements and restoring the legibility of the facades and interior spaces. At the same time, the building will be adapted to modern needs, with a tertiary-commercial destination that aims to ensure maximum accessibility and inclusion of the public.

A key part of the project concerns the enhancement of the garden, which will be rethought and made more usable, helping to return the building to its centrality and its role as a meeting and cultural exchange point in the city of Milan. A two-level underground space will also be built in place of the removed underground parking garage, allowing better use of the underground spaces.

Further interventions will involve the recovery and expansion of the hypogeal spaces in the garden, the rearrangement of the porch with reconfiguration of the entrance and replacement of the existing doors to ensure a homogeneous appearance. There will also be a glazed body in the garden and the reconfiguration of the courtyard between the rear wings of the building, with a light-colored stone pavement to bring natural brightness to the hypogean environment.

Ultimately, the project aims to conserve and enhance Milan's architectural and cultural heritage, making the building at 56 Corso Venezia a symbol of rebirth and urban renewal, a place where past and present blend harmoniously to create a vital and inclusive space in the heart of the city.

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