Rovere Palace Genoa

2017 - ongoing

Commissioned by Clement della Rovere (1580/1581), in the area of Santa Caterina, almost abutting the 16th-century walls, the palace overlooks the square of the same name in the historic center. The property has been on UNESCO's list of the 42 Palazzi dei Rolli in Genoa since 2006, becoming a World Heritage Site on that date.
Within its 2,000 square meters of usable area, it houses on the ground floor commercial establishments that dialogue with the alleys and the square in front, and on the above-ground levels there is space for offices and residences.
The redevelopment project has the ambitious goal of reviving the property by meeting the requirements of comfort, flexibility and sustainability that are essential for today's real estate market, while respecting the strong constraints due to the rigid layout of Genoese noble palaces, which alternate high inter-floor floors and fine finishes with intermediate levels reserved for support services.
In this complex context of redevelopment, bordering between pure restoration and renewal of technological services, BMS operates with its integrated engineering services from the conceptual phase to the construction phase, supporting the Property also in the planning and control of the timing and costs of intervention.
An opportunity to breathe new life into a landmark building in the Genoa area, and an example for new redevelopment interventions.

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