Parking Building for the Palms Beach Hotel & SPA


The Palms Resort Beach Hotel, located in the central coastal area of Kuwait City, has equipped itself with an innovative and futuristic fully automated multi-storey parking lot.

The facility consists of an 11-story above-ground silo capable of accommodating 410 parking spaces, served by 3 robotic stacker cranes for parking and picking up vehicles.

The entire design process, from the preliminary phase to construction design, was handled by BMS in close collaboration with Park Plus, a world leader in the production and installation of this type of automated system.

The main design challenge was to build a parking facility with a large capacity while having a very small site area. Hence the decision to develop the structure vertically, fitting it harmoniously into the existing tourist context a few meters from the shoreline.

The construction technology chosen was precast reinforced concrete, which enabled rapid execution of the works while minimizing construction time and interference with the hotel's accommodation activities.

The silo structure consists of walls and floors made of high-performance precast concrete elements juxtaposed and connected according to a p.r.f.v. system (panels made integral by post-tensioned cables).

Special care was given to structural aspects related to the exceptional horizontal stresses and concentrated vertical loads transmitted from the stacker cranes to the landing slabs.

A state-of-the-art intervention that combines automation and excellent construction technologies to equip a hospitality facility with an efficient, compact, and low impact robotic parking facility.

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