Pirelli Tower 31st floor


The redevelopment of the 31st floor of the Pirelli building, one of architect Giò Ponti's most famous works, has led to the creation of a multifunctional plaza intended for institutional activities and public events, such as conferences and exhibitions.

Studio De8, which was commissioned for the project, was faced with the challenge of intervening on a work of great architectural value while respecting the multiple constraints imposed by the need to preserve the existing building. The result was the creation of a new meeting volume, called POD, characterized by bold curvilinear forms and a large, double-curved glass cladding.

BMS played a key role in coordinating and integrating the various specialized activities required for project implementation. In particular, BMS was directly involved in the development of the technical tender documentation and subsequently the executive design, including construction, structural, and plant engineering aspects.

The work of BMS ensured consistency and compatibility between the different components of the project, ensuring compliance with functional, aesthetic and regulatory requirements. The integration of building, structural, and plant engineering expertise made it possible to meet the technical challenges posed by the implementation of the POD, with its complex forms and innovative materials used.

Thanks to the redevelopment, the 31st floor of the Pirelli building now presents itself as a flexible, multi-use space capable of hosting a variety of events and activities. The new POD volume, with its bold and contemporary design, fits harmoniously into the context of the historic building, creating a dialogue between past and present.

The project demonstrates how it is possible to intervene on a valuable architectural work, adapting it to contemporary needs without compromising its integrity and original identity. The collaboration between the De8 studio and BMS made it possible to achieve this goal, combining design creativity, technical expertise and respect for the architectural heritage.

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