Porta Nuova Garibaldi

2009 - 2012

The redevelopment project for the Garibaldi-Repubblica area is on several levels, with the goal of creating a modern and sustainable neighborhood. Architect Cesar Pelli conceived the project as an entirely pedestrian area, with a 100-meter-diameter square, the "podium," at the center, raised six meters above street level.

Parking lots have been built below the podium, while environmentally sustainable buildings rise around it, among which the tallest reaches 145 meters in height (over 220 meters considering the antenna as well). These buildings house spaces dedicated to fashion, creativity, communication and production.

The structures were mainly made of cast-in-place reinforced concrete, using advanced construction methodologies and high-strength materials. The entire construction system was subjected to rigorous quality control and high monitoring standards.

BMS performed structural testing during construction, verifying the proper execution of the work and the conformity of the structures to design specifications and current regulations. In-process testing made it possible to identify and resolve any problems during the construction phase, ensuring the safety and quality of the final work.

The Garibaldi-Repubblica area redevelopment project is an example of sustainable urban development, combining architectural innovation with attention to the environment and quality of life for citizens. The creation of a pedestrian-friendly district, with spaces dedicated to culture, creativity and work, contributes to revitalizing the area and creating a new pole of attraction for the city.

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