Pirelli Restoration

2002 - 2004

The restoration of the Milan headquarters of the Lombardy Region became necessary after a plane crash severely damaged its facades. The building undergoing the intervention is one of the most famous achievements of architect Giò Ponti, and in view of this, the final project was drawn up by architects Sarno, Multari and Corvino, not envisaging the replacement of the facades, but their restoration in accordance with Ponti's design and with the preservation and restoration of the original materials.

The integrated contract called by the Lombardy Region was awarded to the consortium of companies ISA, Grassi & Crespi and Marcora, with BMS as the project contractor in the execution phase.

The drafted project included the complete dismantling of the existing elements of the facades with the replacement of only the elements damaged by the accident, the construction of glass mirrors of modern design and high thermal and acoustic efficiency.

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