Rocca D'Angera

Angera (VA)
2014 - 2017

The Rocca di Angera, a precious historical and cultural jewel overlooking Lake Maggiore, has recently seen a major renovation and redevelopment of the Scaligera Wing, a wing previously inaccessible to visitors.

The main objective was to enhance the cultural and museum offerings of the Fortress by creating a new exhibition space for temporary contemporary art exhibitions that could enrich the visitor experience.

The architectural restoration project, led by arch. Simonetti, included the restoration of the first floor with the reconstruction of the wooden deck and the introduction of a vertical connection system using steel and glass stairs and panoramic elevators. This made it possible to re-establish the visual link with the present medieval wall decorations.

Fundamental was the integrated planning between architects, companies, and various technical professionals to harmonize redevelopment interventions with the requirements for the protection of the historic-artistic heritage. Close cooperation with the Superintendencies was worked on to obtain the necessary authorizations.

BMS Progetti handled the structural design of the interventions, construction management and safety coordination, ensuring full compliance with architectural and historical constraints and ensuring the adoption of the most suitable construction techniques and the highest quality and safety standards.

Today, the Scaliger Wing houses temporary exhibition spaces reserved for contemporary art, allowing for an enrichment of the Rocca's cultural offerings through an itinerary that skillfully combines ancient and modern, history and innovation.

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