Sarca 235

2014 - 2016

The intervention involved an office building built in the 1990s, in need of extensive renovation to bring it in line with current performance, functional and energy standards required by the quality tertiary real estate market.

One of the main objectives was to improve the energy efficiency of the building envelope through the complete replacement of the existing curtain wall. The new exterior skin consists of a curtain wall with high-performance thermal break aluminum windows and doors, complemented by solar shading systems to optimize natural light intake and containment of summer heat loads.

Two new double-height entrance lobbies were created, redesigning the lobbies and reception spaces according to a contemporary and far-reaching architectural language.

To comply with fire regulations, new external safety stairs were built outside the main building and connected to the floors by metal walkways.

Complete renovation for technological systems as well, with the complete renovation of water, electrical, heating and air conditioning distribution networks, adopting energy-efficient and environmentally friendly systems such as geothermal heat pumps and heat recovery ventilation systems.

All the design solutions adopted enabled the achievement of LEED Gold environmental sustainability certification, attesting to the high performance profile and green philosophy of the entire redevelopment.

A "state of the art" building regeneration project that profoundly transformed an obsolete building into a high-end multitenant building in terms of comfort, rental flexibility, energy efficiency, and reduced environmental impacts during operation.


Scandurra Studio Architecture - Architectural Design - General Coordination
BMS Projects - Structural, Fire Prevention, Plant Design

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