Sheikh Bin Zayed II Mosque

Abu Dhabi - Saudi Arabia

The construction of one of the largest mosques in the world was an ambitious and complex project. The initial contract design was developed by Tractabel, while the development of the site plan and the integral design of the different types of domes, which are a distinctive architectural element of the work, were the responsibility of the contractor.

Impregilo, as the "general contractor" holding the contract, entrusted BMS with the management of the construction site technical office. This enabled BMS to play a key role in managing and coordinating construction site activities.

In particular, BMS took a key role in the design of the domes, crucial architectural elements for the mosque. The project included as many as eight different types of domes, each with specific characteristics and dimensions. BMS carried out integral design work for the domes, starting from the initial concept to the identification of the technologies and site details required for their construction.

This process required a multidisciplinary approach, involving architectural, structural, plant engineering, and site expertise. BMS faced significant technical challenges, such as designing complex curved structures, identifying appropriate materials and construction techniques, and integrating with other building elements.

Thanks to the experience and expertise of BMS, the design of the domes was developed in an accurate and detailed manner, ensuring construction feasibility and compliance with architectural specifications. BMS's work allowed the architectural vision to be translated into concrete technical solutions, enabling the realization of these monumental structures.

The collaboration between BMS, Impregilo and the other stakeholders involved in the project made possible the construction of one of the largest mosques in the world, a work that represents a symbol of faith and architecture of global significance. BMS's contribution in designing the domes was critical to the success of the project, demonstrating the importance of engineering in translating architectural visions into built realities.

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