Spresiano Velodrome

2017 - ongoing

The Spresiano Velodrome represents an innovation in sports engineering and architecture, with a design that meets international standards for high-level cycling competitions. The ability to accommodate varying numbers of spectators and flexibility in the use of space reflect a modern and versatile approach to sports facility design. The adoption of advanced BIM technologies, such as Revit, Navisworks, Dynamo, and STR Vision, enabled accurate project control and efficient data management.

These tools facilitated detailed model creation, visibility verification, and quality control, ensuring that the project met regulatory and budget constraints. The use of BIM360 as a management platform underscores the importance of data sharing and integration among the different disciplines involved in the project. This state-of-the-art approach not only improves the efficiency of the construction process, but also lays the foundation for future innovations in structural and architectural engineering.

BMS LAB demonstrates an ongoing commitment to the research and application of new solutions, promoting a future in which innovations become the norm in the construction industry.

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