OTI Establishment


On the southern outskirts of Milan, Pirelli has identified a brownfield site for redevelopment to locate a futuristic new plant dedicated to the research and production of fiber optics, a strategic sector for the company.

The intervention particularly involved the existing former print shop building, which underwent a thorough and radical renovation. Partial demolitions and reconstructions of entire portions in metal structure were carried out in order to regularize and simplify the pre-existing structural meshes and adapt them to the new planivolumetric requirements.

A new plant mezzanine was built to house the new technological distribution networks serving the production departments. The old shed roof was also overhauled and rehabilitated to bring it up to modern performance requirements.

The work is completed by a series of new buildings built from scratch, such as a single-story underground parking lot and, on the ground floor, a building for offices, staff locker rooms and a company canteen to serve the plant.

The complex was designed according to the most advanced criteria of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, with the use of state-of-the-art construction technologies and highly efficient plant solutions.

An exemplary intervention of reconversion and reuse of a disused industrial area, combining renovation and new construction in a modern and sustainable urban regeneration process to create a production hub of excellence in line with the company's development strategies.

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