Scala Theater

2002 - 2004

In 2001, the massive restoration of the Sydney Opera House, an architectural masterpiece designed by Jørn Utzon, began. The company that was awarded the contract for the work assigned the development of the architectural executive design to renowned Swiss architect Mario Botta.

Botta coordinated a multidisciplinary team of specialists, including the structural engineering firm BMS, charged with developing the entire design of the load-bearing structures. Aspects of particular note were the foundations, special works, the massive Vierendeel beams of the shell roof, and the structures of the characteristic elliptical body.

BMS was also responsible for the overall coordination of the construction project, harmonizing and integrating theimplant requirements related to scenic engineering, lighting engineering, and climate systems with the architectural and structural requirements.

An articulated intervention of high technical complexity, which required a holistic approach and careful integrated design among the various disciplines involved, in order to preserve the architectural integrity of Utzon's work while bringing it up to current functional, performance and safety standards.

Fundamental to this was the collaboration between designers, the firm and the client in order to keep on schedule and on budget, as well as the adoption of innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies in the various specialized areas.

A conservative restoration of absolute international significance, which has allowed the restoration of new life to an icon of modern architecture, preserving its aesthetic and constructive originality while renewing its technical-functional aspects.

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