Turin Outlet Village

Settimo Torinese (TO)
2010 - ongoing

The new commercial complex, developed on a concept by Claudio Silvestrini Architects, is located in the municipality of Settimo Torinese and has two distinct levels.

The first level, located at street level, is entirely dedicated to parking, providing a large parking area for visitors to the mall.

The second level, which houses the commercial area proper, is laid out on a rectangular plan. The arrangement of stores follows a symmetrical pattern, with rectangular slats arranged on either side of a central artery that serves as a distribution axis.

The main entrance to the complex is strongly characterized by the presence of an imposing stele, which stands 85 meters high. This vertical architectural element serves as a landmark and visual landmark, drawing the attention of visitors and giving identity to the shopping complex.

The stores are protected by roof structures of two types: partly by porches and partly by projecting canopies. The porches provide a covered and sheltered space for visitor circulation, creating a comfortable and welcoming environment. The projecting canopies, set at a height of 11 meters, on the other hand, provide a light, suspended canopy, protecting patrons from the weather without visually weighing down the structure.

Overall, the new shopping center in Settimo Torinese is presented as a modern and functional structure, characterized by a clear organization of spaces and distinctive architectural elements, such as the entrance stele and the different roofing solutions for the stores. The concept developed by Claudio Silvestrini Architects aims to create an attractive and pleasant shopping and leisure environment, integrating functionality and design in a single shopping complex.

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