Diamond Tower


BMS and Proger's work on the Torre Diamante in Milan is a significant example of how technology and innovation can be integrated into a renovation project to improve the energy and functional performance of a building. The collaboration between the two companies led to the creation of an advanced plant system that enabled the Torre Diamante to achieve LEED Gold certification, an important recognition for building sustainability.

The interventions included the installation of reversible heat pump chiller units, the use of inductive chilled beams, air handling units for each half-floor, and a building management system (BMS) that provides flexibility and optimization of space occupancy. Lighting was automated with a DALI system, which contributes to the building's energy efficiency. Mechanically, changes were made to hydronic and aeraulic systems, and new air conditioning and cooling systems were installed for specific areas such as the kitchen, trading desks, and the Data Processing Center. This targeted approach ensures that each area of the building is adequately served according to its specific needs. In terms of electrical systems, new transformer substations, UPS uninterruptible power supplies, main distribution systems, and motive power systems have been built. These improvements not only increase the reliability and safety of the building but also its ability to respond efficiently to emergency situations. In addition, the integration of BMS systems, suction fire detection, and modifications to special systems such as intrusion detection and access control demonstrate a commitment to occupant safety and well-being.

In sum, the intervention transformed the Diamond Tower into a model of efficiency and sustainability, demonstrating how modern technology can be used to improve existing buildings and make them more suitable for the needs of the present and the future. The Diamond Tower now stands out not only for its architecture but also for its commitment to the environment and the community around it.

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