Ampere Street


Our intervention is located in the vibrant residential neighborhood of Città Studi, an area that is constantly growing thanks to new quality residential developments. The intervention area includes two separate buildings formerly used as offices, each with its own unique architectural language. In order to preserve the existing character of the main building on Via Ampere and at the same time increase its floor area, an extension was planned through the addition of a floor in the roof and the overhang of the floors.

A new building, independent but connected to the main one, is positioned toward Via Betteloni. The buildings' architecture is harmoniously integrated with the surrounding context through the use of materials and a distribution of space designed to maximize comfort and energy efficiency. Contemporary elements, such as metal sunshades and wood siding, blend with the traditional style of the neighborhood. Facades are designed to maximize sun exposure and privacy, while unit floor plans offer flexibility in cutting, allowing spaces to be adapted to market needs.

Facade cladding, stone basement and movable shading elements give the buildings a distinctive identity and a feeling of quality. Attention to detail also extends to the technological systems, designed to ensure high levels of efficiency and comfort. The project strives for high-level environmental certification, with the use of renewable sources, efficient air conditioning systems, and a home automation system to control and monitor consumption. The goal is to achieve a high energy class, minimizing environmental impact and ensuring a healthy and comfortable environment for inhabitants.

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