Richard Avenue - Tower B


The Tower B building, an integral part of the Richard Avenue architectural complex built in the late 1980s, presented a unique challenge and opportunity for BMS Projects. Our experience in the redevelopment of the adjacent towers, C and E, allowed us to carefully evaluate the risks and opportunities associated with such a large-scale intervention. Reflecting on the new facade of Tower B, we wanted to maintain visual coherence with the other buildings in the complex, but without sacrificing originality.

Taking up the typological elements of towers C and E, we opted for a distinctive material language, avoiding a simple imitation. The proposed solution includes horizontally divided façade modules: an opaque part, clad in aluminum panels, and a transparent part, characterized by a frame that gives the tower a more slender and vertical impression. The new crowning, in particular, is designed to blend harmoniously with the surrounding buildings, consolidating the visual identity of the complex.

To promote the unity of the entire complex, we extended the porch system used in the adjacent towers, enriching the public space in front of the entrances to the property.

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