We want to create value,
not only projects



We take charge of the complete lifecycle of each project to respond in an integrated and extensive manner to the Client's interests.

Commitment, responsibility, and vision are the "tools" that enable us to pursue our goal of becoming Partners to our Clients and not mere suppliers.


Our project approach is always multi-specialist

We rely on a combination made up of specialized knowledge and overview skills to foster integration between different areas and provide a comprehensive and high-quality service.
We coordinate the different logics of the final product by best defining the implementation dynamics to ensure maximum added value.


A process and activity management approach

The construction industry has experienced an extraordinary increase in complexity, and its management is now one of the main challenges facing design firms in order to respond adequately to clients' needs.
In BMS we have responded to this need through a thorough overhaul of the internal organizational structure and by equipping ourselves with specific resources, procedures and skills aimed at managerial management of processes and projects.


A synthesis of integration and information

The Digital Twin is one of the most impactful innovations in our industry in recent years. It makes it possible to collect in a single database all the physical, technical, and functional information about a building, which is useful in the conception, implementation, and management of a property.
We have been working for years according to BIM logic, an approach that maximizes integration between different specialized skills and minimizes margins of error. It offers continuity of information gathering at the project development stages and throughout the building lifecycle.


Innovation as a combination of curiosity and passion

We deeply believe in the importance of cultivating the skills and abilities of our professionals to offer the most innovative solutions in services and operating procedures.
BMS LAB is our open innovation platform to bring our expertise, innovative products and services to the construction industry through continuous dialogue between different players in the supply chain (investors, owners, developers, companies, designers and suppliers).
The goal is for innovation to become everyday.


The keypoint of each of our projects

We develop our projects with a holistic approach to sustainability through an integrated circular analysis that addresses the issue as a composite aggregate of environmental, social, technical and financial needs, of which environmental protocols are tools for monitoring and verification.
We feel there is a need to extend the same corporate responsibilities that we put into projects, even outside the work perimeter.
We carry out specific programs aimed at producing social impact for the community also in collaboration with third sector and local entities.
We offer maximum security to the data contained in our servers by constantly implementing internal IT system performance. Our IT architecture, based on the open source "Linux" operating system, is redundant and supported by an advanced disaster recovery system, capable of ensuring the highest standards in terms of data management and protection.
We also extend sustainability actions within the work environment through more efficient waste management, optimizing paper use, choosing organic material for courtesy cups in the break area, using 'smarter electricity, and choosing a fleet of hybrid company cars.
We collaborate with associations and third sector entities to extend our of impact on the community as well. Joining the Mr Winston project was part of this corporate choice.